Gale Healthcare Foundation

Investing in the Next Generation of Nursing Professionals

Across the country, healthcare facilities are struggling to find the nursing staff they need to deliver quality care. Meanwhile, potential nursing students lack the financial resources to pursue a nursing-related career.

The Gale Healthcare Foundation is here to help.

Over the next two years, we’re committing more than half a million dollars to help individuals pursue nursing and nursing assistant education and training. In addition, our foundation aims to provide $1 million in total funding through partnerships with other contributors.

Scholarships will be awarded to students attending schools or universities that offer accredited nursing or nursing assistant programs.

Our commitment


To support nursing or nursing
assistant education and training

For More Information

If you’re a student interested in applying or a school interested in promoting this scholarship opportunity to your students, please sign up below. We’ll send you an alert as information becomes available.

The application process for the first round of scholarships will be announced in Summer 2022.

I am a nursing student.

I am a nursing/nursing assistant school.

About the Gale Healthcare Foundation

The Gale Healthcare Foundation is a public non-profit organization dedicated to educating the next generation of nursing professionals. Committed to helping solve the national nursing shortage, the Foundation offers scholarships to support nursing and nursing assistant education and training at accredited institutions. The Foundation also provides information on nursing as a valued, attainable, and financially rewarding career path.